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Finlock Liner

Finlock Liner Run Out Service

In order to stop water penetrating buildings through concrete Finlock type Gutters, it is necessary to provide a watertight and extremely durable lining to the water carrying channel. Finlock Gutters were installed as standard on many large scale house building projects from 1945 onwards in an attempt to provide an alternative to traditional wooden or iron guttering, both replica rolex turn-o-graph materials being in very short supply after the Second World War. It has become apparent that water is penetrating vast numbers of dwellings via the concrete "Finlock" gutters and causing serious structural defects.

In an attempt to the stop water penetration problem very many of these gutters have been treated, often several times, with bituminous applications and, in some cases, with roofing felt linings. Whilst offering short term cures in ideal conditions neither of these methods of water proofing could be expected to provide a long term answer to this most serious problem.

In order to restore the gutter's water carrying capacity it is necessary to remove as much of the previously panerai luminor base replica applied bitumen and felt etc, as possible. The gutter should then be thoroughly cleaned and all debris removed.

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