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Aluminium Rainwater Pipes, Guttering and Fascias

Choose the Seamless Aluminium gutter system for a stylish, maintenance free rainwater system. We believe that the Seamless gutter system is the most effective available today for private and public sector housing. The system has attractive clean lines (uninterrupted u-boat flightdeck replica by hanging brackets) and comes in a choice of colours to suit your home. Available in black, white, brown, cream and green our system has a very high rainwater flow capacity, can be connected to other types of gutter on shared pipes, and can be fitted to existing downpipes if required.

The system is remarkably strong and will easily take a laden ladder weight. Added strength is incorporated by the use of hidden, internal hanging brackets fixed at 450mm centres. Due to its continuous construction the need for joints is reduced to a minimum, greatly reducing the possibility of leaks.

Fitted by Experts

Our installation team, in effect, bring the factory to the job, all the necessary materials including the rolls of coated aluminium and the machine to form it are brought by van to your home. This means that since each length of gutter is formed on site and tailor made to the exact dimensions of the property there is virtually no costly wastage, no transportation problems and no damage in transit. Old guttering is removed from the site and disposed of - new system fitted quickly without mess or fuss. Our workmen will fit either aluminium or PVCu downpipes if required.

  • Attractive - O.G.shape, clean continuous lines, choice of colours.
  • Durable - Long life, low maintenance, life expectancy of 30 years.
  • Economic - Quick to install, no waste as site roll formed to building dimensions, no leaks or painting. Competitively priced against other metallic replica omega watches and non-metallic gutter systems.
  • Strong - Roll formed O.G. shape with hidden extruded brackets remarkably strong, will easily take laden ladder weight.
  • High Rainwater Carrying Capacity - Greater than most non-metallic alternatives.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Produced from recyclable aluminium.
  • B.B.A. Approval.

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